Science – Week 2

Course Details – Analysing the Unknown

Age: 11-14


Cost: £207 (Early-Bird: £186)

Do you want to understand the chemistry of analysis? Learn the different chemical tests involved in the analysis of both Inorganic and Organic compounds. During the course you will develop the skills necessary to find out the unknown by experimentation. Have you ever wondered about the ingredients in certain medicines – how much iron is actually in iron tablets? Which antacid is the most cost effective? If you enjoy chemistry experiments and want to learn new and improve your practical skills then this is for you.

Covid-19 Update

In order to try and manage the risks in this course, pupils will have their own ‘area’ with equipment which won’t have to be shared, any equipment which must be shared will be wiped down with antiseptic wipes when there is a change of user and communal equipment will be operated by the tutor/assistant tutors and regularly wiped down with antiseptic wipes.

Tutor Profile

Alison Stewart is an experienced science teacher, arriving to teach biology at the Perse after 15 years teaching both science and biology at City of London Boy’s school and more recently, biology at King’s Ely. A background in plant science, a personal interest in sports science and a love of the natural world support a degree in applied science from Imperial College.


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