Perse Summer School Rules

Pupils are expected to act with responsibility and always show consideration. Specifically, they are expected to:

  1. Treat all members of the Summer School community with respect, courtesy and kindness and to do their best to act with honesty and integrity.
  2. Contribute to the Summer School course by offering help, listening carefully to and following instructions, being particularly attentive to health and safety instructions and being careful not to disrupt the learning and progress of others.
  3. Behave sensibly when in course activities and at any breaks, for example in break or lunchtimes and being sensitive in their behaviour to the range of ages on site.
  4. Follow and obey the signs on site with regard to entry and exit points, pick up locations and areas which are out of bounds.
  5. Sign in and out of the site each day immediately upon arrival and at departure, ensuring that they register their presence with one of the duty members of staff who will be signing individuals in and out at the gates or at reception.
  6. Liaise with the Nurses regarding the management of medication or any other medical need.
  7. Take care of the school environment and equipment including in any other location where the activity is taking place e.g. botanic gardens, a museum, another sports facility. Any 'local rules' which are relevant to other locations used e.g. sport venues, museums etc will be deemed to apply in full in addition to the Summer School rules.
  8. Look out for and be kind to those who may not know any or many other pupils on the Summer School courses and make sure they and all attending the Summer School feel welcome and included.
  9. Not bring on to The Perse School site or the location of any Summer School activity any item that is or could be considered dangerous or that is a prohibited substance for example, but not exclusively: knives or other sharpened objects that could be dangerous to the owner or to others, cigarettes, other psychoactive substances, harmful substances, items which may be considered 'legal highs' and illegal drugs or any alcohol. Similarly, not to accept or use / consume any of the above items that is found on site or offered by another. Similarly, not to make, possess or distribute any inappropriate images or literature in print or digital format. Always and immediately to refer any concern over any of these matters to a member of staff. Also, to be aware that these matters may also be subject to criminal investigation.
  10. Observe and abide by any additional rules that might be necessary for management of Covid-19 or other health issues that could stipulate additional hygiene measures for the site or for the wider environment, locality, region or nation.

Bullying or intimidating behaviour of any kind including anything pertaining to any protected characteristic (e.g. religion or belief, race, sex, sexual orientation, disability) will not be tolerated.

The Perse School computer networks are fully monitored and any use of computers on our site will be subject to monitoring. Misuse of the network will not be tolerated.

Sanctions which may be applied include:

  • Temporary or permanent removal from a particular activity within a course or from a course.
  • Removal from the Summer School programme entirely.

The fair interpretation of these rules and any sanctions is entrusted to the Course Tutors. Course Tutors will keep a record of any concerns and will consult with the Summer School lead member of Senior Staff on duty for the session and / or with the Deputy Head (International Schools and Projects). Any serious breaches of the rules and anything at all related to Rule 9 will always be referred to the Senior Staff on duty or the Deputy Head.

The rules apply equally to members of The Perse School community and to all other pupils attending the Summer School. Pupils of The Perse School should realise that they remain representatives of The Perse School itself during Summer School and they will be treated as such.

The Perse Summer School