Our Vision, Values and Aims

Our vision, values and aims

Excellent schools have a clear sense of purpose shared by pupils, staff and parents. The Perse School’s vision is to love learning and strive for the greater good. To realise this vision, The Perse will:

(a) foster academic excellence through a challenging curriculum, outstanding teaching, and a culture of endeavour, intellectual curiosity and scholarship
(b) provide a supportive pastoral environment which meets individual needs, and promotes the development of happy, balanced and considerate pupils
(c) offer a rounded education, rich in extracurricular opportunities, which develop life skills, character and perspective
(d) finance means tested bursaries to ensure The Perse is accessible, and help those outside the School through outreach and charitable work
(e) encourage the appreciation of the spiritual dimension to life, and the development of a moral framework
(f) provide high quality professional development for staff to ensure ongoing personal and institutional improvement.

A common set of values has been agreed which define the behaviour expected of all Perse students and staff. We value: