Myths on trial

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Age: 11-14


Cost: £180

The myths of the Ancient Greeks and Romans are full of their fair share of bad behaviour, betrayal and murder! There are also some shocking tales about some of the historical individuals – Alexander the Great, Cleopatra and Nero to name some examples! In this course, we will examine some of the most outlandish and incredible stories from the ancient world, before putting the key figures on trial for their crimes! The course will expand your knowledge of some of the most fascinating tales and events from the ancient world, as well as developing your analytical, argumentative and debating skills.

Tutor Profile

David Bennett obtained a BA in Classics from Durham University before going on to do a PGCE and MEd at Cambridge. He has taught at the Perse since 2016 and is currently Head of Year 7. He is fascinated by the stories of the incredible individuals, both mythical and historical, who achieved fame or infamy with the Greeks and Romans!