Mobile phone photography – next level

Course Details

Age: 11-14  

Cost: £180

Spending too much time on screens? Bored of the endless scroll? Become a creative creator of better quality content – harness the power of your mobile phone to take better photos, edit and manipulate your own view of the world. Fun, creative workshops in digital photography including macro, motion and selfie mode challenges. Students will need their own smart phone for this course and an appropriate amount of ‘screen time’ allowance! 


Tutor Profile

Ben Keeble (Head of Art)

Graduate of Fine Art (Sculpture) 1st Class from Brighton University, former Curriculum leader for Visual Arts at the Stephen Perse Foundation, Ben is a Cambridge born Visual Artist specialising in new media and collage who is passionate about building visual literacy and improving young people’s ‘visual diet’ with over 21 years of teaching experience.


Dan Wansell: Dan grew up in London and Dorset. Between 2000 and 2006 he studied at the Edinburgh College of Art where he completed a BA (Hons) in Painting and an MFA in Art, Space and Nature. It was during his MFA that Dan developed a passion for photography. In 2009, he gained a PGCE from the University of Buckingham and, alongside making his own art work, he is also Head of Art and DT at The Perse Prep School. His work has been exhibited in London, Edinburgh and Chicago.