May the Force be with you!

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Cost £180

Age 7-10

Whether you’re a recent or life-long fan of Star Wars, this course is for you! We will be expanding and building our knowledge of the Star Wars universe in this course, learning about Jedi culture, the Sith and the dark side, the nature of the Force, droids, ships, planets, music and so much more! Through games, arts and crafts, research, debating, acting and performance, strategic and creative thinking, quizzes, and more fun activities, we will explore the breadth and diversity of the Star Wars universe, and understand what real life lessons we can learn from our favourite characters, a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…


Course Tutor

Sophia Abbasi received her BA in History, and MA in Early Modern History, from the University of Warwick, and is currently working as a Teaching Assistant at The Perse Prep, helping out in a variety of lessons, from English and History, to Games and DTE. Her main area of interest and expertise is Tudor England, Anne Boleyn and the lives and experiences of women in Early Modern England, but she also loves exploring and debating history’s unsolved mysteries. Her favourite film franchise is Star Wars (as can be seen in her extensive collection of Lego Star Wars ships…), and her favourite film is ‘Rogue One: A Star Wars story’.