MasterChef – Week 4

Course Details – MasterChef in Italy

Age: 7-10     |     AM

Age: 11-14    |    PM

Cost: £221 (Early-Bird: £199)

Why not tickle your taste buds the Italian way? This course has been created with a budding young chef in mind who loves the taste and flavours of Italian food. Learn the essential techniques needed to create a typical Italian meal including classics such as focaccia, pasta sauces, ravioli, pizza and risotto. This hands-on cooking course will leave individuals with the knowledge and skills to produce a broad variety of Italian dishes of varying complexities and a challenge for all cooking abilities. A folder of recipes used will be provided for annotation throughout the week for everyone to take away.

Covid-19 Update

In order to try and manage the risks in this course, pupils will have their own ‘area’ with equipment which won’t have to be shared, any equipment which must be shared will be wiped down with antiseptic wipes when there is a change of user and cookers will be operated by the tutor/assistant tutors and regularly wiped down with antiseptic wipes. As far as possible, we will be sticking to the ‘Italian’ themed course but if some recipes prove impossible, they will likely be replaced with some baking recipes. There will be no overlap of recipes between the different types of Masterchef courses.

Tutor Profile

Millie Diss obtained a degree in Applied Sport Science from Edinburgh University and is a PE teacher at The Perse. Millie is an incredibly keen, self-taught baker who is always looking for excuses to bake for others. She is excited to share her tips, tricks and passion with the next generation of bakers.

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