Live Well

Course Details

Cost £180

Age 11-14

Children will develop skills for good emotional resilience. This course will teach healthy sleep routines, focus on the importance of physical activity and balanced nutrition including meal planning. It will build skills to promote mental wellbeing including mindfulness and building self-esteem. It will also develop other skills for wellbeing including: how to build and maintain healthy non-intimate relationships and finally it will also look at how to develop successful habits for good economic wellbeing.

Tutor Details

Susie Covey is a teacher of history and Head of PSHE education at The Perse School. Susie has previously been a head of year and worked in the education sector for 16 years with a significant interest in the pastoral wellbeing of young people. Previously she has worked at the independent London girls school, the Lady Eleanor Holles School and in the state sector at St Anthony’s School, in Sunderland. Susie holds a BA in Politics and History and she has a PGCE from the University of Oxford.