Law and Order: Ancient Greece and Rome – Week 1

Course Details

Age: 11-14


Cost: £180 (Early-Bird: £162)

The ancient world of the Greeks and Romans was full of its fair share of bad behaviour, betrayal and murder! In the course we will summon up the ghosts of a mixture of historical and mythological figures – including Alexander the Great, Theseus and Cleopatra – and put them on trial for their crimes! You will be the detectives as you find out about these villains from a range of ancient and modern (cinematic and computer-game) sources. Then you will become the lawyers for the prosecution and the defence as you present your cases in the Perse Summer School court!

The course will expand your knowledge of some of the most fascinating and shocking events, as well as developing your analytical, argumentative and debating skills.

Covid-19 Update

Classroom based courses will be limited to a maximum of 12 pupils. Pupils will be socially distanced within the classroom and will be asked to bring their own personal equipment. Pupils will sit at the same desk each day, and any ICT equipment will be labelled so the pupils use the same device all week. Classrooms will be supplied with antiseptic wipes for any shared equipment.

Tutor Profile

David Bennett has a Classics degree from Durham University and teaches in the Classics department at The Perse. His fascination with the Classical world began long before he first encountered Latin at school, with the myths of the Greeks and Romans. At school and university, he developed a love of Latin and Greek language and literature; however, in recent years his interests have been more historical. Teaching about the campaigns of Alexander the Great has been a particular highlight.

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