International Pupils

The Perse Summer School runs courses for children age 7 to 14 whose are either native speakers or fluent in spoken [and written, depending on the course] English. Children will either be attending school in the UK [EU] or at an English-speaking school in another country. The Perse School is unable to provide the language or pastoral support that teaching children who are not used to learning through the medium of English would require.

剑桥德佩斯夏校是针对7至14岁的母语为英语或掌握流利英语口语 [某些课程需要具备良好的写作水平]的学生提供暑期课程。来夏校学习的学生可以是来自英国[欧盟]的学校或其他国家但以英语授课为主的学校。德佩斯夏校很遗憾无法为非英语教育下的学生提供所需的语言帮助或关怀。

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Only parents or legal guardians may book courses for their own children. The Perse School does not accept bookings from agents.

Children from overseas who are attending the Perse Summer School must be in Cambridge under the care of a parent or legal guardian. Children in the care of host families are not accepted.

Sufficient fluency in spoken English is a requirement for all of our courses. As a guide, this should be I.E.L.T.S. Level 5.5/Cambridge Level B2 First. For courses which involve writing, pupils should also be able to write English more fluently and should be at I.E.L.T.S. Level 6.5/Cambridge Level C1. Details of I.E.L.T.S and Cambridge language qualifications can be found here.

Please note that The Perse School has always held to a similar expectation of English language fluency however the process and details changed in 2020. If you have previously attended Perse Summer School as an international family from outside the EU/English speaking countries please note these changes and be careful to follow the new system. The Perse Summer School reserves the right to decline a child or family if this process is not followed in full, and if the child’s level of spoken and written English is not of a sufficiently high standard when the course begins parents may be asked to collect their child.

As part of the registration process you will be asked to supply the name of your child’s school, The Perse reserves the right to request a reference to verify the level of English of the child. Please email with the following email (written in English):

Subject line: Registration from non-English speaking countries

Please note I have registered my son/daughter INSERT NAME and give permission for the Perse to contact their school for references.

The Summer School Office will respond to confirm once references have been received. Please DO NOT attempt to book any courses until you have heard back from the Summer School office.