International Pupils –

The Perse Summer School runs courses for children age 7 to 14 whose are either native speakers or fluent in spoken [and written, depending on the course] English. Children will either be attending school in the UK [EU] or at an English-speaking school in another country.

The Perse School is unable to provide the language or pastoral support that teaching children who are not used to learning through the medium of English would require.


Only parents or legal guardians may book courses for their own children. The Perse School does not accept bookings from agents.

For Chinese-speaking children aged 7 to 12 there is an alternative course run through The Perse Summer School in association with MML Global Education Solutions and we will send out these details, please contact, as appropriate. The Perse Bespoke Course is tailored for Chinese-speaking students. The students will be taught by Perse teachers, with language and pastoral support provided by Perse student assistants and Chinese-speaking supervisor, to ensure a best possible Perse experience for them.

只有父母或法定监护人可以为其孩子或被监护人预订课程。德佩斯夏校不接受代理中介的预订。针对7至12岁母语为中文的学生,德佩斯夏校特与剑桥MML Global Education Solutions 公司合作,特别为这样的学生设计了德佩斯定制课程。如果您想获取相关信息,请联系我们的合作伙伴Michelle Wang  或添加其微信 mingxia_wang。

德佩斯定制课程是由德佩斯学校的专业老师授课,由本校毕业生助理给予指导,和本校多名同龄学生共同上课互动,还有中文辅导员的全程陪同提供所需的语言支持, 以确保学生能获得最好的德佩斯教育体验。 我们将在适当的时候发送详细的2020年德佩斯定制课程信息。

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