Horrible Histories and Mysteries

Course Detail

Cost £180

Age 7-10

History is full of intrigue, deception, betrayal and excitement – do you have the historical and detective skills to help solve unsolved mysteries from across the ages? Or would you have been more successful as a criminal? Or maybe even a ruler? Join us to find out!

This course will teach children the skills every historian needs to understand, interpret, debate and research the past, by inviting the children to solve mysteries and partake in important moments from across history: What happened to the Princes in the Tower? Could you have successfully plotted to usurp Elizabeth I? How would you have expanded the Persian Empire? The answers to these, and more, will be discovered through fun games, creative arts and activities, debate and discussion, problem-solving, and the role-playing and re-enacting of historical trials and events. Children will need to bring a pencil case with them, as well as an open mind!


Course Tutor

Sophia Abbasi received her BA in History, and MA in Early Modern History, from the University of Warwick, and is currently working as a Teaching Assistant at The Perse Prep, helping out in a variety of lessons, from English and history, to games and DTE. Her main area of interest and expertise is Tudor England, Anne Boleyn and the lives and experiences of women in Early Modern England, but she also loves exploring and debating history’s unsolved mysteries.