French Cuisine through Culture and Time

Course Details

Age 7-10

Cost £230

Have you ever wondered where some of the meals we eat every day or hear about in French films come from? This course aims over the week to travel through some of the most famous moments in French history and literature and look at the foods that make our mouths water. We will look at where they came from, the stories behind them and the people that made them. And then we will of course make and taste them for ourselves!

By the end of the week you will have a clearer idea of some of the most pivotal moments in France’s history and cultural output, you will learn some key French phrases to do with baking, listen to French music, cook French recipes and be able to take these home to family to try out. Bring yourselves and an open mind to different types of food. Some are sweet, some are savoury – but they are all delicious!


Hannah Sherry joined the French department at the Perse in 2021. With a degree in Modern Languages from the University of Cambridge, she has a particular interest in French literature, and, as discovered abroad, in French cuisine. She is enthusiastic about examining culture through the practice of baking and cooking.