Discovering Forensics

Course Details

Age: 7-10

Cost: £225

Did you know that you leave traces of your presence everywhere you go? This is bad news for criminals – there is always evidence left behind!

During this fun, hands-on course you will become a forensic scientist, working in a team trying to solve a crime that has been committed at The Perse. You will identify and collect evidence from the crime scene and then analyse the evidence in the laboratory. You will have the chance to use forensic techniques, including DNA extraction and electrophoresis, fingerprint and footprint impression analysis, fibre microscopy and blood typing. If you enjoy practical science and love to solve puzzles, this is the course for you!

Tutor Profile

Emma Calvert has been teaching biology for nineteen years, most recently at The Perse School. She studied at The University of Leicester, where she was taught by Professor Sir Alec Jeffreys who developed the techniques for genetic fingerprinting and DNA profiling. Since then, her interest in forensic science has remained and she is excited to be leading this practical course.