Crochet and Yarn Arts

Course Description

Age 7-10

Cost £180

A hobby where you can customise your own clothes, make cosy blankets and pillows, and create cute stuffed animals. Sounds cool, right? Crochet isn’t just for your granny – it’s an amazing creative skill you can use to DIY hundreds of different projects. In this course, you’ll learn the basics of how to crochet your own project working in rows (such as a scarf, coaster, or friendship bracelet). By the end of the week, you will know how to hold the hook and yarn, to use a foundation chain to begin a project, a couple of simple crochet stitches, to turn and continue the next row, and to finish your piece. There is also the possibility of learning how to read basic crochet patterns. No previous knowledge necessary, just a desire to learn a new crafty skill! All materials provided.


Sophie Jones has been teaching Chemistry at the Perse for the past two years and has previously worked at a school in Ipswich. An avid crocheter for over five years, she enjoys creating her own garments and home furnishings and is passionate about sharing her love of this mindful craft with others.