Code Crackers

Course Details

Cost £180

Age 7-10 & 11-14

The code-cracking course will promote critical thinking, ingenuity and perseverance. It will test each individual’s ability to apply their mathematical skills, as well as the other key disciplines such as problem-solving, language, engineering and literacy. GCHQ’s expert code-breakers use problem-solving skills to help keep Britain safe. This code cracker course will enable participants to test their wits on challenges including ciphers, substitution codes, tests of numeracy and literacy inspired by the experts in order to design their own escape room by the end of the course.

Tutor Details

Liam Woods is Head of Middle School and a teacher of mathematics at the Perse School. He has taught in five different schools teaching across the full secondary school age range, and has led young mathematicians through Challenges and Olympiads to national finals.