Chemistry – Marvellous mixtures and the wonders of chemistry

Course Details

Age: 7-10

Cost: £207

Interested in doing experiments? All the fun of carrying out experiments whilst unlocking the mysteries of nature’s and manmade mixtures.  Have you ever wondered how chemists separate and purify all of the chemicals that nature provides? From the beginning awareness of the safety aspects involved in carrying out laboratory work will be studied along with the necessary dexterity of handling equipment. Power-points and short videos will intersperse the practical and will enable the students to build be a practical record booklet to keep.

Tutor Profile

Paul Spiers has degrees in both Chemistry and Biochemistry and has been teaching science at The Perse for over 40 years. He continues to teach across the years and has been an examiner for CIE in the practical A level examination and OCR at GCSE.