Care About Climate Change? – Week 3

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Age: 7-10    |    AM

Age: 8-12    |    PM

Fancy yourself an eco-warrior? Or do you just want to do your bit? Climate change is rarely out of the news in current times and is engaging young people across the planet. This course provides a grounding in the science behind the issue using up-to-date research from the very highest qualified climate scientists. Mapping programmes are used to examine real impacts which are already affecting locations across the globe. More localised examples of adaptation and mitigation will be explored with a chance for students to experience calculating the carbon footprints of businesses and to design urban spaces which can adapt to our changing climate.

Covid-19 Update

Classroom based courses will be limited to a maximum of 12 pupils. Pupils will be socially distanced within the classroom and will be asked to bring their own personal equipment. Pupils will sit at the same desk each day, and any ICT equipment will be labelled so the pupils use the same device all week. Classrooms will be supplied with antiseptic wipes for any shared equipment.

Tutor Profile

Victoria Lipp has been a geography teacher for 4 years, starting her time at The Perse in September 2018. This has involved teaching climate change to students across all years and she has seen it becoming a more main stream discussion point noticeably in recent times. She is a keen outdoors enthusiast and has always been passionate about protecting our natural spaces which is behind her keen wider interest in the topic and how young people can be involved in the responses.

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