Bushcraft and Backwoods Cooking

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Age 7-10 & 11-14    

Cost £255

This year we will be learning how to live comfortably in the wild, working as a team to meet all of the survival priorities of shelter, water, fire and food. Over the week we will move through all of the skills needed for living in the wild, starting with the basics of building shelters and lighting a fire (even in the rain) and progressing on to learning how to prepare and cook your food.

Tutor Profile

James Hutchings Formerly a physics and technology teacher at The Perse,  as well as working with the Outdoor Pursuits Department as a canoe, kayak and climbing coach. He has completed a wide range of expeditions in the UK and abroad, and is also very passionate about living in the outdoors and bushcraft skills. These bushcraft skills are used on a regular basis to teach young people about survival, carving, fire lighting, outdoor cooking and shelter building amongst other things and are a real passion of his.

Adam Dunajski is an former member of the Perse Exploration Society, and is passionate about backwoods cooking. Currently studying mathematics, he spends his summers assisting on Duke of Edinburgh expeditions and PES camps, where he likes to experiment with new outdoor cooking ideas. He is also working towards his Mountain Leader, and plans on teaching after finishing university.

Myles Thompson is currently teaching physics at The Perse and with a master’s degree in Engineering, he enjoys the practical side of science the most. An Old Persean and member of the Perse Exploration Society, Myles is well-versed in the Summer School and Outdoor Pursuits routine and looks forward to returning for another year!

Sam Featherstone teaches economics at The Perse. He has completed a wide range of bicycle expeditions in the UK and Europe and has worked abroad as a canoe and sailing instructor.  As an Old Persean and a member of the Perse Exploration Society, Sam has developed a passion for bushcraft and the outdoors, and enjoys passing these skills onto his students.

Jacob Butler has been a sports coach for a number of years and holds qualifications in football, dodgeball, netball, and delivering primary school PE. He is part of the PE and Games department at The Perse Prep school and is a passionate and avid sportsman. He enjoys participating in all sports and being part of a team.

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Week 1 10-14 July