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Photography Challenges

TUTORS: James Riley

Improve your photography through a series of indoor and outdoor challenges.

This course will give you the time and space to practice, improve and reflect upon your photography. We will examine some of the underlying principles of taking good photographs and then undergo a series of different competitions throughout the week to work on your photographic composition, use of colour, framing and more. This is a hands-on creative educational experience, developing your photography skills in an enjoyable environment. Fed up of bland Facebook snaps or clichéd Instagram photos? Learn to think through your photography more creatively. Learn that there are more buttons than just the shutter release (the trigger)!

Course schedule

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Photography Challenges
Age 11-14
WK1 : 8 - 12 Jul 2024 AM
AM course

Course Notes

Equipment needed: A camera (digital or SLR) is preferable but you could use a camera phone. Different projects each day to work on aspects of your photography. To include:

  • Photographing the local environment: a walking tour of Cambridge to include some of less famous (and more photographic) sites
  • Abstract photography projects: photograph an interesting object, using science's light boxes, A-Z
  • Black and white photography

No photography expertise is needed to participate.

Learn how to get more from your camera and how to think more about taking photographs.  Critique photography and develop an appreciation for composition. Participants will end up taking lots of photographs in a range of locations and settings. They will finish the week with a portfolio of photographs from their experience.

Your Tutor

James Riley

James Riley has a Masters degree in geography from the University of Bristol, where his dissertation investigated the impact of aerial photography. He has a Masters in Geography Education from the Institute of Education and has been Head of Geography at The Perse since 2014. James has run photography classes in previous schools where he has taught as well as summer school courses.

James has spent over five years of his life travelling slowly with a backpack and has visited over sixty of the world's two hundred countries. In 2022-23 he took a sabbatical year abroad travelling round the world (Instagram: @travellinggeographer). His most memorable travel days include sea kayaking in the Haida Gwaii (Canada); self-led Andean volcano ascents; attending mask festivals in Papua New Guinea and visiting remote tribes in the Omo Valley, Ethiopia. He has travelled alone, with partners and in groups. He co-ran a charity who delivered aid to Bolivian schools whilst at The University of Bristol, has led multiple World Challenge expeditions and has been travel writing for a number of years. He has led over a hundred school trips. He regularly leaves the UK with nothing more than a return flight booked and a rucksack.

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