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Chemistry Reactions

TUTORS: Sasha Bai

Ever dreamt of playing detective in the world of chemistry or concocting your own magical experiments? Curious about cracking the code and unveiling the secrets of unknown compounds? How about growing your own dazzling crystals? Join us for a thrilling week where each day brings new surprises! This hands-on course promises a week of fun-filled exploration, sparking curiosity and igniting the joy of scientific discovery. If you're ready for an adventure in the fascinating world of chemistry, this is the course for you!

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Chemistry Reactions
Age 11-14
WK1 : 8 - 12 Jul 2024 PM
PM course

Course Notes

We will provide everything you need. We know that some people will be quite familiar with chemistry experiments but others have done far less. Our course will provide support for those who need it and expert challenge for those who are more aware of chemistry and the science of chemical reactions.

Your Tutor

Sasha Bai

Sasha Bai joined The Perse in early 2023 after earning an MChem in Chemistry from the University of Oxford. Over the past few years, she has extended her passion for teaching chemistry through volunteering in numerous countries across Asia and Africa. This summer, Sasha is thrilled to take the lead in facilitating this engaging chemistry practical course.

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