Course Details

Age 15-19

Cost £180

Travel can open more doors to learning about the world and about yourself than anything else in life.  Knowing what to do, where to go and how to do this safely can be a challenge for young adults.

This course is designed to empower students to feel comfortable about planning their own independent travel as they become young adults. This course will help aspiring ambitious travellers with the following:

  1. Planning the logistics and budgeting for exciting and meaningful travel itineraries, particularly in the quiet corners of the globe
  2. Exploring opportunities for travelling slowly: going beyond package holidays and learning to get ‘under the skin’ of countries and their cultures
  3. Designing and budgeting for destination-specific kit lists
  4. Minimising the carbon footprint of travel
  5. Documenting travel experiences: photography, journals and travel writing
  6. Disaster planning and risk assessing: preparing for the worst, so that you head in to locations safely with your eyes open.


James Riley has been Head of Geography for over a decade and combines a lifelong passion for travel with his love of teaching. Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and a Chartered Geographer. He has spent over four years of his life travelling slowly with a backpack and has visited over sixty of the world’s two hundred countries and returns  from a sabbatical year abroad travelling round the world. His most memorable travel days include sea kayaking in the Haida Gwaii (Canada); self-led Andean volcano ascents; attending mask festivals in Papua New Guinea and visiting remote tribes in the Omo Valley, Ethiopia. He has travelled alone, with partners and in groups. He co-ran a charity who delivered aid to Bolivian schools whilst at The University of Bristol, has led multiple World Challenge expeditions and has been travel writing for a number of years. He regularly leaves the UK with nothing more than a return flight booked.